In Their Eyes


I looked into her eyes and they told me she was the one I wanted to spend life with.

I guess my eyes said the same thing because we started spending this life together. 

Life together meant that I couldn't imagine life without her. In this world and the ones to follow. It also meant that most days she would send me pictures of puppies because she wanted one.

So one day we bought a puppy. And one day I decided to look into the puppy's eyes.

His eyes told me there was more to him than meets the eye. There was intelligence there. There was love there. And love isn't only of this world. So I knew we'd meet again in the worlds to follow.

My current world was turned upside down the day my wife told me she was pregnant. I was in shock. Then I was excited. Then I was nervous.

And then I finally got to hold my beautiful daughter.

One day she opened her eyes and I looked into them. They were bigger than I imagined. They were a deep blue, like the pacific ocean.

I saw hunger in those eyes. I saw curiosity too.

And I hope she saw the love in my eyes.

And then she pooped.